We all knew it would happen

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We all knew it would happen  


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>9GAG is more edgy than HL
I never thought I'd see the day when the world burned.

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BlackSpirit 1143 days ago, 1 replies

Well for those who want to know the current situation, me and some of my compatriots notice people getting suspension over harmless hitler and race based jokes. This all came to a head when a user named merican_toad decided to callout admins for bannings which shortly lead to him getting banned. Me and other well known users made a post and debated it in comments where it was revealed that they were reinforcing their antiracism,offensive, controversial,and edgy post. I then debated them calling out the bullshit of how vague these rules are and how they are picking and choosing. (They say they are fine with jew jokes but here they delete ones about muslims) this lead to our raid with edge post and now the eventually shutdown of the site

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BlackSpirit 1143 days ago, 1 replies

Top-Kek will prob have refugees soon so have fun with that as well.

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Sbdu_Guardian 1142 days ago

What a time to be alive

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King Arthur 1142 days ago

Just another day on HugeCuck

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RyanSilva 1137 days ago

Hi, I'm the guy that made the post above.. Since I was banned on HugeLol I posted it on HDL, and guess what.. http://imgur.com/a/eNHmx , also some guy reposted it on Hugelol and he got banned too. I've had it with those fucks./

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Hammett 1083 days ago


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wow website is desert...

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