Can't wait for the porn parody 'Wank and Wanker'

11thdoctor 1205 days ago 37 keks, 8 comments




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Milos Zeman 1205 days ago, 2 replies

13/11 too good to be true. Is this the pinacle of OC?

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WilliamWallace 1205 days ago, 1 replies

That was wonderful.

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Danior 1205 days ago

I rate 9/11, would watch.

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FrenchLurker 1205 days ago

That's actually what we need to advertise the site

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Hammett 1204 days ago

"Raiding is progress" had me in legit tears.
This is beyond gold an platinum. This is goldinum

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IFeelOffended 1204 days ago, 1 replies

I got mentioned twice in one OC, and I can also fully relate to it? Today was a good day. Cocktor, this is why you are my right hand.

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Countshitface 1204 days ago, 1 replies

Uhm...i lost count. How many times do I need to call you a cunt now?

Also...epic level

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Hammett 1059 days ago, 1 replies

Fucking hell this must be a record

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