The campaign is live, faggots !

Takalisky 1256 days ago 53 keks, 19 comments

[If you don't understand shit, there are subtitles ready for use]
Ever dreamt of financing a shitposting website ? Your dreams came true !
I'm so sorry for releasing the video so late in date, but between my work and fictive social life, this last month have been really busy. Anyway, if many of you guys feared Top-Kek would one day disappear it eventually won't !! And for those who looked forward to it... Well, tough day, mate.


Gandalf the White 1256 days ago, 3 replies


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RaveNParty 1256 days ago

Well, I guess my post goes out the window... However I graciously accept my award of shitposter of the month, it is an honor to rise to the top as someone who goes out of their way each and every week to post meaningless garbage. Thanks faggots.

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Fale 1255 days ago, 3 replies

how about some stupid rewards like changing ravens name to whatever the 20$ donator wants it to be ?

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Asshat 1255 days ago, 1 replies

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RaveNParty 1255 days ago, 1 replies

Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

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I_AM_SANDWICH 1255 days ago, 1 replies

I'd donate, but I'm broke :/

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RossiArcher 1255 days ago, 1 replies

so, if i donate 40 euros, i get two blowjobs from gandalf?

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Lapatatefroide 1255 days ago

As a student living with 100€ a month I don't really see how I could......fuck it! That will be 99€ a month then

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White Fang 1255 days ago

Once my situation gets better, I'll put in. But only because I want the Gandalf blowjob.

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Countshitface 1255 days ago, 1 replies

Gandalf, I feel bad for you son

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Hammett 1255 days ago, 1 replies

Oi. This is prolly stupid question but can you "donate" to patreaon via paysafe? I have a shitty credit card that wont get accepted anywhere

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Awesome Candy 1255 days ago

Aw man, that means im going to have to post something instead of lurking. Shit

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KinkyKangaroo 1255 days ago "People on suicide watchlist"

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ShinigamiRacing 1254 days ago, 1 replies

$5 donated, I will maybe give more when I move out from my mothers cellar. Ah, my hotpockets are done.

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The Chade 1252 days ago

2:05 thought you said "1 dollar and you get official sex". Would have donated.

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Merican_toad 1246 days ago, 1 replies

why don't we start an advertising campaign on other websites to attract new visitors. Like on sites like Funny Junk

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SeptembersLeaf 1240 days ago

Wow, I haven't been here for 170 days, that's a lot of days, damn, time flies. So what have you been doing... Oh...
So you finally put Lucy in an "institution"? *starts whistling "Always look on the bright side of life"* *can't really whistle and spits all over monitor* *sings instead*

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Mikkow 1236 days ago

Hey guys! Long time lurker from the land of old here. I'm willing to donate something; but its different than just money. :o If you could come up with some simple designs, I could have my dad create them (he has the machines, as he is a teacher at an art college) onto t-shirts, which could be sent out to backers who back the website for an x amount of money. Heck, I'd be willing to donate other shit as well. Crazy little sculpts of the moderators, for people to have so much fun with in the comforts of their bedroom -huehue-. :D Let me know if you guys are interested - mikkow

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Icebear 1218 days ago, 1 replies

I am unsure if I should feel happy or sad about this video after so long of not saying hi...

But either way, HI!

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