Some crazy Grandpa

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Some crazy Grandpa  

Grab your popcorn and start reading.


Termt 1788 days ago

Oh wow... I expect this anon to have access to brain bleach, seeing as I'm pretty sure he needs it after half the visits he made to his grandfather.

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Gandalf the White 1788 days ago

Am I supposed to read all this?

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The Chade 1788 days ago

That is the weirdest thread I ever read.
Turning my brain off...

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gatosardina 1788 days ago

i cant breathe

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Asshat 1788 days ago

Sorry but too long for me. Stopped at the golf part. Hopefully I continue reading it later.

Edit: So I've read it. I've nothing to say, not because it's bad but because I'm shocked.

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White Fang 1786 days ago

Is TK a novel now?

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