Off we go for another f*cking year.

WilliamWallace 871 days ago 17 keks, 5 comments



Off we go for another f*cking year.  

I got to admit. Although I don't show a lot anymore, I still lurk in the shadows. I was pretty damn sad when I saw it offline.
I love you all.


Takalisky 871 days ago

I see your liver hasn't failed you yet.

Nice to see you're still alive, man.

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Danior 871 days ago

We just presumed you were dead

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Milos Zeman 871 days ago

I always wonder where the other shitposters went. I mean, they couldn´t possibly get a real life, so the fuck happened? Did they die? The true mysteries. Can´t believe there used to be over 40 named users.

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ShinigamiRacing 871 days ago

We're back up?! :D


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RossiArcher 870 days ago

wait we´re back up?

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