And thus I bringeth thee, thine 10 commandethmanths!

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And thus I bringeth thee, thine 10 commandethmanths!  

But thine 10 commandethmanths hath been shorteth to 6! Due to the fact that everyone has a concentration span these days of -10 seconds. Cheers!


Lord Lucifer 1885 days ago

Unfunny, reported.

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Sevandb 1885 days ago

Ah yis cmentz ! So, where can we alpha users do a small recap of problems detected / advice / etc ? Maybe create a post for it ? That way you won't get the same damn question / idea / remark from every user here

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Undeadsanta21 1885 days ago

It's looking great Lucy, sorry I'm not posting a LOT been busy with Home-work and now I might have a job so, I'll post when I can and try to post in decent amounts. Great job.

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Hammett 1884 days ago


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