Top Kek, Not associated with Top KKK.

Top-Kek is a brand new website for all kinds of Fun. Varying in between fail video's and political jokes; We've got them all. But how can we Admins and the User make sure it stays that way?


Well for starters, there are several rules we must obey at all times. The shorter version is readable here;, the extended one is readable below:


  1. Top-Kek is a Product destined for Humoral Content. If a user sumbits content lacking any kinds of humor, it will be removed. When done repeatedly by said user, the consequences may be severe.*
  2. Top-Kek is destined for all kinds of humoral content. This means dark humor, such as racism and sexism, is allowed as well if it does not violate Rule number one. If it sheer hatred it will be removed; Propaganda for hatred is not permitted on Top Kek.
  3. Top Kek is not destined for any disturbing images; Nudity, gore and moreover of these kinds of content is not permitted. That means no NFSW (Not Safe for Work) or NSFL (Not Safe for Life). If said content is submitted it will be deleted and if required the sumbitter may be banned.
  4. It is not permitted to own more than one profile/account on Top Kek. If it is detected that one user has more than one account the latest/newest account may be banned by the administrators. This is to protect Top Kek from hackers and more of this kind.
  5. It is not permitted to submit the same joke twice. The term "Rejoke" will be instated to detect these do overs. Rejoking may occur on accident ofcourse. Users may report a Rejoke with or without link to the joke made before. A post is a rejoke if; The post is an exact copy of the one before or if the joke in the post is just a different version of the joke made before.
  6. Top Kek values users that sumbit quality content highly. These will be rewarded as such.
  7. Advertising on Top Kek is not allowed without contacting the Administrators of Top-Kek.

    *With the exception for site related business such as feedback.


The History of Top Kek

Top Kek is a user founded website created in essence by Lord Lucifer and Dr Seitenbach in April 2014. After developing main characteristics of the site for a few months, Lucifer launched an Indiegogo Campaign which raised a total of €1875,- ! The campaign lasted for 60 days and ended on 6 september 2014. Top-Kek launched in its Alpha Stage only 5 days later, on Thursday 11 September.


This was made possible by a lot of donators. The great shout out goes to:

Dr Seitenbach


Fluffy Iron Boots


The second huge thank you goes to the people who donated:

Elii The MuliSBDU_GuardianThor123
SlaughterMelonRumoLlamas Unite
Back StabbathLegendHiddeGenius